Great Customer Service Starts with You

download (4)Great customer service CallUS247 is vital to a successful business. One can sell the best product in the universe, at the lowest price, but if the customer service is terrible, not many people will return to your place of business. People want to feel welcome and they want to feel accepted. They also want to know facts about products. If they buy a product that is difficult to operate, they want to know it’s okay to call and ask about that product. It’s also vital to have knowledgable staff. If a customer purchases a smart phone and they can’t figure it out, it’s important to have a staff member who can assist them in a kind and friendly manner.

If your business is a large one, perhaps dividing the shopping center into smaller departments is the best solution. Having a small group of employees that are knowledgable about all the products in that department is essantial. If you have employees in every department, they aren’t going to gain the proper knowledge needed to assist customers in a timely manner.

Employees should let customers know they are there to help. When a customer enters a department, the employee should approach them and ask if they need assistance. Employees should also be close by at all times just in case a customer needs further assistance. Even if a customer asks tons of questions, employees should answer each question with the same kind approach as before. It only takes one mean remark, or a harsh tone, to ruin the customer experience. Customers also talk. Word of mouth is one of the best or worst forms of advertisement. Many customers can be lost just from one person’s bad experience in your business. Also try to be
understanding of each customer’s individual needs. Perhaps the customer is disabled, and needs assistance reaching an item or even help with several items. It is the employee’s job to make sure everyone feels welcome and most of all, that the customer was assisted in the best manner possible. If the customer is irate or upset, try to understand why they feel this way and try to assist them in any way possible to make it (5)

Great customer service is key to having a successful business. One bad customer experience can mean terrible things for the success of your business. Be sure to go above and beyond to make the customer feel welcome and comfortable.

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